More than 400 million servings of coffee are consumed daily. Even better, 75% of caffeinated beverage consumers prefer coffee, which is excellent news if you want to make your own drink.

You don’t have to worry about competing with heavyweights like McDonald’s and Starbucks, either.

Coffee is more than a drink; it’s an experience. Coffee lovers are always looking for something new. Thus, smaller, independent brands are in high demand among coffee connoisseurs, cafes, stores, and households across the country.

Consistent demand opens up possibilities for new flavors, beverage types, technology, and branding too.

It seems like only yesterday that Keurig cups took millions of kitchens by storm; now, 3 million households have their own machine. Refrigerated espresso shots have also grown in popularity within the last two decades.

Tapping into coffee markets starts with a memorable blend. Learn how to make your own drink that earns the loyalty of coffee drinkers.

Start With an Idea

Every product needs a purpose; this philosophy applies to every commercial item, including coffee.

The brainstorming process can take quite a bit of time. You need a fully-formed and tested vision before producing a final product. Fortunately, you can work with a team that’s experienced with clarifying visions and turning those visions into high-quality beverages.

The ideation process should align with the branding process since both rely on each other. For example, if you were developing a coffee-based energy drink, you wouldn’t use a branding identity that revolved around a good night’s sleep. Your target market is looking for an extra boost for busy mornings, exams, and hectic workdays.

Consider the following variables when aligning your beverage blend with your brand.

  • Trending coffee blends
  • Flavor notes and combinations
  • Acidity
  • Blending ratios
  • Seasonal ingredients
  • Serving size
  • Calorie count
  • Caffeine content
  • Packaging

Keeping the above factors in mind, go back to your branding identity.

Which elements best complement your brand?

Coffee Beverage Ideas to Consider

Coffee beverage consultants and scientists match the appropriate flavor palates to your vision. For example, if you’re developing an iced coffee beverage, an expert may suggest a medium or strong coffee blend to withstand melting ice.

An experienced team can help you hone in on the right flavor notes for your blend and brand too.

Suppose you want to create your own drink for a beach-inspired iced coffee drink. Your consultant may suggest a refreshing flavor palate with fruity notes. Starbucks uses sweet cola notes to enhance its iced coffee blend, creating a refreshing beverage that works with or without creamer.

Do you want to develop an iced coffee for a diet or fitness-inspired drink brand?

Work with a trusted team to create delicious low-calorie blends with refreshing yet robust flavor notes. Don’t miss out on a chance to capitalize on chocolate too. There are plenty of refreshing (and low-calorie) ways to present iced mochas.

The ideation stage determines the direction of your beverage formulation and packaging. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Play around with different ideas and blends!

Source the Best Ingredients for Custom Beverage Development

After finalizing your flavor profiles, the next step is to source ingredients for your unique coffee drink. Source only high-quality ingredients. Consumers, especially coffee connoisseurs, can spot the difference.

The importance of sourcing is another reason to work with experienced coffee chemists. Not only are they experienced in sourcing and safety, but they have a network of trusted vendors, which ensures quality, integrity, flavor, aroma, and freshness.

Sourcing is also critical to the coffee branding process, as experienced food scientists match flavors to your target audience. Plus, working with a beverage lab saves time and money on sourcing high-quality coffee ingredients.

Do you want to promote your coffee beverage as non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, or kosher?

The above labels are essential to:

  • Branding
  • Marketing strategy
  • Consumer trust
  • Company (and online) reputation
  • Compliance

Compliance may be the most important reason to work with a coffee drink lab. The health, safety, and wellness of all customers is priority number one. Thus, you can count on a beverage laboratory to rigorously source and test formulas to perfection.

Make Your Own Drink Come to Life

The formulation process is where the real magic happens. You finally get to see your drink come to life.

Rather than risk beginner errors, professional coffee chemists turn your vision into reality by formulating the right flavor notes, ingredients, acidity levels, caffeine levels, and more. Rest assured, your blends will be meticulously tested for safety and satisfaction.

There’s nothing more exciting than tasting your own coffee concoction for the first time. It’s the perfect start to the next stage of your journey.

Choose Your Coffee Packaging Design

Coffee drink labs don’t just brainstorm, source, and formulate beverages; they also work with you to develop the ideal packaging for your unique drink.

Work with real design experts to create the following packaging elements:

  • Font style
  • Graphics and illustration
  • Packaging materials
  • Textures

Professional designers ensure your packaging design aligns with your branding identity and purpose. This attention to detail maintains brand consistency, which improves messaging and consumer trust.

The Production Process

Designers also work with production teams to match the right packaging materials to your drink bottles. For example, if you’re developing a cold coffee beverage, your packaging must withstand refrigeration without damage.

Production is the final stage of the coffee drink creation process. By this point, your formula has been tested for compliance, flavor, and food safety. Plus, the production team considers shelf life when choosing a suitable bottling method for your drink.

You also have your pick of cap colors and types to find the perfect caps for your coffee drink.

Design Your Own Coffee Drink Today

Coffee is a worldwide phenomenon that’s not disappearing anytime soon. Don’t wait to chase your dreams of coffee stardom. Start brainstorming your big idea today!

Are you ready to make your own drink right now?

The consultants, chemists, and scientists at DrinkLabs are passionate about your success. Contact us today to discuss your vision and leave the legwork to us.