Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Budweiser – These brands gained tremendous success, wealth, and notoriety over the years. And so can you!

Whether you are ready to start your beverage company or you’re just toying with the idea, you’ll need to know the basics of the business. Where to start, who to work with, how much things will cost, and how long the process will take.

And that’s where a beverage formulation company can help. They will answer all your business questions while helping you create an exceptional product.

Read below for a guide on how to choose the best beverage formulation company for your needs. 

What Is a Beverage Formulation Company?

You probably already have a lot of questions about the beverage formulation process. But let’s start with the basics – what is a beverage formulation company and what do they do?

A beverage formulation company is a group of experienced professionals in the beverage industry. The company employs chemists, food scientists, experts in marketing, development, and production of beverages. So when you work with a beverage formulation company you have all these experts at your disposal.

The company is responsible for bringing your beverage idea to life. From the recipe to the design of the container – a great beverage formulation company does it all.

Beverage Formulation Steps

Different beverage formulation companies use different processes to get to a final product. However, the general process usually consists of some combination of the steps below.

Debrief and Discovery

The first step to beverage formulation is usually a meeting with a representative or group of people to talk about your idea. They will ask you questions about the type of beverage and ingredients you may want to include. This is the time to share all of your ideas and get feedback from the experts.

Through this process, you will get closer to your final product. Come to this meeting prepared to ask questions and work collaboratively with the beverage formulation company.

Ingredients and Formula

The next step will be finding the right ingredients to create your beverage. Maybe you are looking for exotic fruits or locally sourced dairy for your beverage. Regardless of the beverage and type of ingredients, it takes the company time to collect them and get ready to start the beverage science.

After all the ingredients have been chosen and collected, the beverage scientists will go to work. Beverage formulas take time to perfect, but you can trust that the right company will get the job done. A quality product is your highest priority during this stage.


Design is almost as important as the beverage formula. The design is what will draw customers to your product. Beverage formulation companies usually have graphic designers that can help you visualize what your beverage package will look like. They can tell you what is popular in the industry and make recommendations if you are feeling overwhelmed.

The design of your beverage will reflect the formula you have already picked. For example, an herbal formula beverage is going to have a different design than an alcoholic beverage formulation.


The final step of the process is getting your beverage made! This is when final decisions are made regarding things like bottling or labels. This is when all of your hard work comes to life.

How to Choose a Beverage Formulation Company

Now that you have a better understanding of what the beverage formulation company does, how do you know which one to choose? In the Arizona area you may have a few formulation companies to choose from, so here is what you should look for.

Existing Clients and Testimonials

Check the company’s website to see who they are already working with. Do they work with brands you recognize and like? Do they work with companies making beverages similar to yours? A beverage formulation company’s resume is largely made up of the clients they are currently working with.

Similarly, you can look at reviews and see what customers have to say about the company before committing. You want to choose a reputable company that will be helpful and collaborative.

Services Offered

Ask the company for an outline of the beverage formulation process they use. Will they guide you through every step, or will there be a lot of work for you to do on your own?

Feel free to ask plenty of questions about the process including how much things will cost and how long the process will likely take.

The Tasting Process

Many beverage formulation companies will let you taste the beverage and offer your opinion before finalization. Before deciding on what company you want to work with, confirm that they will let you taste it. And ask how many formulation drafts they will make if you aren’t satisfied with the first one. 

Similarly, if you do not like the appearance of the beverage you may be able to ask for changes. You can ask companies whether they are typically open to this kind of feedback and how many rounds of changes are allowed.

The Lab Environment

Ask potential companies whether they have an in-house lab that takes care of the formulation process. Working directly with these individuals is usually more valuable and gives you greater control. 

Fulfill Your Dream of Owning a Beverage Company

The beverage landscape is constantly evolving. And your idea may have the next biggest craze in beverages. So don’t wait to bring your idea to life.

Working with a beverage formulation company will allow you to be involved in the process and get support along the way. You will have access to the best, most experienced beverage scientists and marketers that want to see your beverage succeed.

If you’re ready to start the process or have additional questions on the beverage formulation process, contact us today.