It must be a shocking revelation to many that the beverage industry is seeing an exciting turn of events right after experiencing one of the worst times in human history, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Analytical studies suggest that as the damage control of the pandemic is in action, it has significantly boosted e-commerce. As a result, there has been a remarkable increase in direct-to-consumer channels by beverage development companies and breweries in the industry.

Reports show that the consumers are ready to pay whatever price quality and stress-free time demands. Hence, it is obvious that the food and beverage industry has found the right opportunity to give the consumers exactly what they need and, in turn, garner profits.

Here are the five popular trends as seen profitable for beverage development companies and embraced by the consumers.

1.   Healthy Options

Consumers have become increasingly aware of their choices when it comes to food and drinks. Now we prefer healthier options to some of the most favorite types of beverages consumed. For example, conventional energy drinks are losing their charm as consumers prefer healthier alternatives like organic supplements and powder drink options.

As more consumers move towards drinks that are healthier alternatives to popular traditional types of beverages, the beverage industry is adapting to the consumer demand and releasing options that fit the label of “healthy.”

It creates a great opportunity for beverage development companies to find a product and popularize it for health enthusiasts.

2.   Ingredient Transparency

Ingredient transparency has been a rising trend for quite some time, and it connects to consumers opting for healthier options. They require nutrition information and names of ingredients to measure calorie intake and be aware of what they consume.

Sometime back, consumers would not bat an eyelash as to what goes into making the food or beverage product they consume. Today the times have changed as consumers have made it a purchasing ritual of sorts to read the label before buying anything.

This has put the beverage industry on a pedestal for creating simplistic formulas for drinks to create easy ingredient and nutrition transparency with consumers.

3.   Conscious Consumption Choices

Consumers have started to advocate sustainability and environmentally-friendly consumption choices as they are both good for them and our environment. For example, there has been a whopping increase in advocacy towards not using plastic straws.

Hence, the result has been that many popular beverage companies that release packaged beverages have stopped complimenting their beverage with straws entirely or alternately provide paper straws.

Also, purpose-driven products fall in the same trend category. Consumers have become conscious of consuming beverages that align with the purpose of doing larger good to society than just for fun and games.

4.   Flavor & Experiences

Consumers have started to seek flavors and experiences out of the drinks they consume. As a result, drinks now have to match a benchmark standard flavor and experience to be considered a top-tier beverage. Otherwise, it would become just another average soda at the back of the shelf.

Consumers place a good experience high when rating their consumption choices. Any drink that leads to a memorable experience will always be a favorite. Whether it is a party starter tequila shot or grabbing a beer at an after-party, experiences are now more important than ever.

This includes drinks and beverages that look different. Consumers post their food and drinks on popular social media platforms like Instagram. Understandably, if a drink is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes via Instagram, it’s an instant hit.

5.   Premium & Luxury Product Preferences

Consumers have a keen eye and understanding of premium products. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a premium product if it is priced high. As discussed earlier, flavor and experiences also play a huge role in making a beverage premium and labeled luxury.

Also, the pandemic has taken a toll on people and consumer psychology. As a result, consumers lean more towards premium and luxury products with big brand names and large-scale recognition to add to the whole experience.

This has resulted in many celebrities jumping on the bandwagon to start their own beverage companies. As consumers spend whatever the prices they quote and gain personalized experience from their favorite celebrities, the company makes fortunes.

Bottom Line

Therefore, it is quite clear why 2021 has proven to be an exciting year for beverage development companies. With different ways to gain consumers for your beverage and trends to use for your gains, beverage development companies are surely taken by storm with these opportunities. They will continue to be a success all year long.

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