best marketing strategiesYou’re feeling confident about your new energy drink, right? You love how it tastes, you feel like it works well, and you’re proud of your ingredient list. It’s time to find motivated buyers. But how can you let everyone else know how great your energy drink is? The energy drink industry is oversaturated with other great competitors, so you need to find a way to put yourself on the map. You’re not a professional marketer, though. How are you supposed to know the best marketing strategies to get consumers interested in your new product?

We’re here to offer you some advice to get you started. Keep reading to learn all about developing your smart marketing plan and getting your name out there.

Nail Your Branding

Branding is everything in the energy drink industry and beyond. Whenever you’re trying to market a product, it isn’t so much the product itself that you’re putting on display. It’s the image of the brand.

A brand lets your customers know what to expect from you. It gives your business an image and a personality that customers can relate to.

So what goes into a brand?

First, the way that you design your packaging (and even the drink itself) matters when it comes to your branding.

Bright and fun colors lend themselves well to young people who are average consumers. Sleek monochrome packaging appeals to professionals. Packaging with sporty motifs will attract athletic customers.

Your brand should extend throughout your marketing. From your packaging to your digital marketing, you need to be consistent. This will make your business more recognizable to consumers.

Create an “Instagrammable” Product

Once you think that you have your branding down, make sure that it’s social media-friendly.

This might seem trivial, but in 2021 it matters. We’ll talk more about social media marketing in our next section, but let’s focus on the aesthetic of your brand and how it relates to Instagram.

You want an eye-catching design. Using the right colors is a good first start, but does it look good in photos? Does it look good in the hands of your models?

Taking great Instagram photos is going to be crucial while you’re on your marketing journey.

Get Your Social Media Game On Point

Let’s zoom out a bit and talk about social media in general.

In 2021, social media marketing is king. Sure, you should focus on having a solid SEO strategy and create some traditional marketing materials, but when you’re targeting millennials and gen Z, you need to get social.

Right now, Instagram and TikTok are the leaders for reaching younger people. This is where millennials and gen Zers are spending their time. Focus your efforts there.

Make sure that your marketing doesn’t feel too much like marketing. Young people don’t respond well to traditional advertisements. They prefer an “authentic” brand experience. Social media allows you to connect to them.

We suggest interactive social media strategies, such as starting TikTok challenges and doing live videos. You can also repost content from happy customers to let them know that you recognize them.

Collab With Influencers

Speaking of social media, don’t underestimate the importance of using social media influencers to help spread the word about your brand.

Young people respond well to influencers because they’re real people. Your brand is largely faceless, and even if you have a celebrity representing you, it’s obvious that their entire job is built around advertising for you.

When you pick influencers, they’re more relatable to the average person.

Make sure that you pick influencers that fit your brand. It will be inauthentic if an influencer is advertising something that doesn’t relate to them. Their viewers won’t respond well to it and it will be too obvious.

Find an influencer that fits your “vibe” and negotiate with them. It’s helpful if you let them try your product with no strings attached if you want an authentic advertisement from them.

Go to Events

While digital marketing is your best bet right now, you’ll connect better with your customers if you make yourself visible “in the real world.”

What events work for your brand? How can you track down your ideal customers?

If you’re targeting sportier customers, consider making yourself visible at sports games, tailgate parties, and community sports events. If you’re targeting gamers, consider going to conventions or e-sports competitions.

For the average consumer, setting up booths at festivals is a great idea. You’ll make a ton of sales and get your name out there. It’s also a great opportunity for an “Instragrammable” moment.

Reach out to your customers in the real world and you’ll get a great community response.

Listen and Respond

Once you’ve started to get a reliable customer base, make sure that you keep up with them. Your marketing strategy isn’t only there to attract new customers, it’s there to help you maintain old ones.

Communicate with your customers through your social media channels. Always try to respond to both positive and negative comments to let people know that you’re listening to them.

As we mentioned before, it’s helpful to repost photos from happy customers on your social media pages. Involve yourself in social media trends and “hang out” with consumers online.

Remember that your customers are the backbone of your success. Making them happy will make your business more profitable. If they have complaints or suggestions, take them into account.

Try The Best Marketing Strategies for Your Energy Drink

Using the best marketing strategies for your new energy drink will help your business flourish. Remember, your goal is to get your product in front of the eyes of your customers. By using social media, events, and a strong branding strategy, you’ll have no problem growing your business and selling your drink.

Are you getting ready to develop your dream energy drink? At Drink Labs, we want to help you develop the best product possible. Contact us so we can start working together today.