If you have an active lifestyle, you might have experienced dehydration. The feeling of being low on electrolytes affects the body. In your daily life, The effects of electrolytes on the body play a crucial role in regulating some of the most critical functions.

On this note, it is imperative to understand the importance of keeping your electrolytes balanced. And it is not just about drinking water. When you are low on electrolytes, your bodily functions are impaired, and the affects include:

  • Muscle contractions
  • Blood clotting
  • Fluid regulation
  • Acid balance

Electrolytes also regulate your heartbeat. Remember, the heart is also a muscle. So electrolyte imbalance is the last thing you want, whether you are trekking or playing a sport. You can experience cramps and muscle tears that are directly related to electrolyte imbalance.

The solution is simple, drink a high-quality drink that has electrolytes.

List of electrolytes:

Sodium: Responsible for moving water within cells.

Magnesium: Promotes enzyme reactions.

Calcium: Regulates important functions such as blood clotting, heart rate, and cell function

Potassium: Responsible for maintaining water balance and acid balance, works with sodium and calcium to promote nerve and muscle activity.

Phosphate: Promotes nerve function and helps in storing energy while repairing bones and teeth.

How they Affect the body:

  • One of the critical functions of electrolytes is to balance the water levels in your body.
  • Electrolytes balance the body’s acid/base level.
  • Circulation of nutrients, transporting them into the cells.
  • Moves waste like lactic acid out of the cells.
  • Keeps your heart, brain and nerve in optimum condition.

It is common to lose the effects of electrolytes on the body; they may become too high or too low. This can be easily regulated by making sure that the amount of water should equal the amount of water you lose.

A good electrolyte drink is an easy remedy. Especially for athletes.

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