CBD in your drink. It’s a cutting edge trend today, and it’s sure to become very common in the future.

In an ever-evolving world of beverage products, tastes and trends are a driving force. The health benefits of CBD paired with the growing popularity of infused products are making for a strong beverage combination.

Keep reading to learn more about how and why CBD will be the next big thing for any beverage development company. Plus, the information you’ll need to bring your drink ideas to life!


The beverage industry has always thrived on trends. An example of this is the sparkling water trend of the last few years. It has taken over both the non-alcoholic and alcoholic sides of the beverage industry and continues to bring new products to retail shelves.

Here are a few ways that CBD will add to product innovation in the beverage industry:

  • Convenience: Bringing CBD to beverages creates a ready-to-drink option for the customer. They don’t have to worry about obtaining CBD ingredients to add to a drink because it has already been done for them.
  • Sellability: The popularity of CBD provides the potential for the infused drinks to be sold anywhere. It is likely that supermarket chains would carry the product, making it an accessible choice in a consumer’s weekly grocery run. This would be an option available at restaurants or bars in the future as well.
  • Funding: Big beverage companies are always eager to put stock in the next trend with the goal that it will produce sales for their business. Start-ups in the beverage space can also thrive through crowdfunding if they target the future consumers of this product.
  • Legality: With several states lessening their restrictions on the contents of CBD and related products, infused drinks will flood the market.

These aspects of innovation will help determine the success of the products once they are released to the public.

Consumers Will Pay More

The cost of purchasing a CBD infused drink will be dictated by the demand for it. Statistics show that this type of product will have a large appeal, so retailers will be able to charge a little more for it.

Baby boomers have the money to spend and grew up in a time where consumer marijuana was never legal. As they reach an age where pain relief becomes a priority, they are likely to pursue CBD infused drinks for their health benefits and not focus on the price tag.

There has been a decline in sales in other parts of the beverage industry over the last few years, which can open up new cash flow for this wave of new drinks. If consumers have been spending less on certain beverages, they may be more likely to spend more on a drink that they are newly interested in.

Universal Use

One of the biggest benefits of CBD as an ingredient is that it can be added to basically any drink and won’t change the flavor. It can also be consumed at any time of the day, making it a universal beverage choice for a consumer.

A future product in which consumers can decide when they want to drink it and what amount of CBD infusion works best for them is likely to be a universal craze. The drink choices from your morning coffee to your dinner beverage are endless, and CBD will soon be in all of those areas of your day.

Influencers Driving Popularity

As with other trending products, having celebrity endorsements for the beverage will help it gain widespread popularity.

Here are a few of the big names that are already supporting this new beverage movement:

  • Terrell Davis: The former NFL player created his own CBD-infused sports performance drink. The concept of the drink is to lessen pain after workouts and improve recovery times.
  • Willie Nelson: The singer launched an entire brand of CBD products. He added beverage options in the form of coffee beans and tea.

There are several celebrities and athletes around the world that are speaking on the benefits of CBD and their support of its growth. Many CBD companies are partnering with these social giants to bring their product to the masses, and the same can be expected during this CBD beverage boom.

Work With a Beverage Development Company

Do you have an idea for a drink that you would like to create? Whether or not you will be infusing it with CBD, we are here to help you go from the idea to a final product and share the formula that can be produced to scale in the future.

Below are the steps in our process:

  • Idea: You bring the idea to us along with any specific components that you desire to be included in the drink.
  • Finding Ingredients: We will source the ingredients and find great options that fit in the guidelines of your initial idea.
  • Formulation: We adjust ingredient levels until they reach the flavor and function expectations that you have for the beverage.
  • Design: No drink is complete without an eye-catching design to get it flying off the shelves. We will help you design the packaging for your product.
  • Production: Once you have selected the ideal bottle for your beverage, we will make sure it is all ready to be produced.

Our goal is to provide the support, attention, and consulting you need to launch your idea into a product.

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